“Your Amazon selling account is currently under review, and we will be contacting you by phone with more information within 72 hours.”


Within the next 72 hours, you will receive a phone call from the Account Health Support Team. They will be calling to discuss your account. It is critical that they are able to reach you, to speak to you to discuss the reasons for the account review and any actions required to continue selling. To ensure that they can reach you, make sure to update the phone number listed under “Emergency Notifications”.

Scary Right!! So…is this BAD NEWS OR GOOD NEWS? Your seller account may be at risk of suspension. Now’s the time to take an in-depth look at your Performance Notifications and Health Dashboard to see what’s happening! Check for policy violations! Even though you will have to speak with seller support and write a great POA, you may be able to get your account back in good standing – and avoid suspension!! But it’s really GOOD NEWS!!!

  1. Your account is NOT suspended!! You have 72 hours to speak with seller support
  2. The Account Health representative is there to HELP YOU best understand what policies violations have occurred
  3. Account Health Support WILL give you guidance – JUST ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS!
  4. Account Health Support will review your case over the phone and will give you feedback on the POA that you’re going to write!
pro tip from axelligence: keep your phone number updated


  1. ✅ Check your health Dashboard & your performance notifications DAILY!!!
  2. ✅ If you receive a notice that you have 24 hours (or 72 hours) to call – DO IT
  3. ✅  You may be able to avoid suspension if you’re able to answer Amazon’s questions! They’re giving you the gift of time and a chance to quickly repair any damage to your account!
  4. ✅ Use the Account Health Representative to YOUR advantage – they will give you feedback, they will give you information!! Learn from it and pursue it!

Need assistance with YOUR Amazon account? Is your account at risk of Suspension? The experts at Axelligence are here to review your account and work with you to develop a Plan of Action (POA) so that you can get back to the business quickly and efficiently!

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