What is a VPS and Why is it Important?

Virtual Private Server (or VPS) is a “cloud” hosted server whose sections can be rented to an individual user, or to many users. A server is a physical device that can hold huge amounts of data. When you purchase “space” on a VPS, you’re renting a “virtual computer” on a secure server. Time to share some benefits of working with a virtual computer:

  • You’re not limited to CPU power or server resources – you choose!
  • Need additional storage, and disk space? It’s your choice!  
  • Want to run a Linux or Mac operating system? With a VPS YOU CAN!
  • Need a computer IP address outside of the United States? Your location is fully customizable!

In a nutshell, a VPS offers the flexibility of multiple people, from multiple locations to securely access it from anywhere around the world.

How does VPS Hosting really work?

You will be “renting” time on a private server. To access it, you will use Remote Desktop Access. There is competition in the marketplace! We love Club VPS! They have very reasonable rates (you can choose per minute or month) and there are servers and desktops around the world.

When managing Amazon Seller Accounts, we emphasize the importance of using a VPS when logging in. Why? A VPS protects you from potential suspension due to related accounts. How? Each time you visit your seller account, you are allowing Amazon to be privy to your physical location, IP address, MAC address, and even your browser history. By using a VPS to access your account, you’re controlling the identity of your server, allowing you to feel safe and secure. Because you can choose where in the world your VPS is, you do not have to worry about triggering the dreaded “related account” nightmare of Amazon. Another benefit? If you’re traveling, connect via VPS and don’t ever use public wi-fi for an additional layer of security.

How are a Virtual Private Server and Buying an Amazon Seller Account Connected?

We can’t talk about buying or selling Amazon Seller accounts, without mentioning some caveats – namely suspensions due to related accounts. When you sell on Amazon, Amazon you verify your identity by providing personal information – legal entity, banking, credit, etc. Amazon actively collects that data. Suppose you attempt to open a secondary seller account using any of those data points. In that case, you may receive the following warning: “We found a related account“, or “That information has already been used to open an Amazon Seller Account”. Equally important: Amazon detects related accounts via MAC and IP addresses, and even WI-FI router information.

By using a VPS hosting service to connect to each individual Amazon seller account, you eliminate this potential trigger and protect yourself from a potential suspension due to having a “related account”.

How do you create your own Private Server?

Creating a VPS is straightforward and only takes a few minutes!

  1. Head on over to CLUB VPS and create a new account (by the way, the first 30 days are FREE!)
  2. Once your dashboard is open, choose if you’ll create a “server” or a “computer” (depending upon your needs)
  3. You’ll choose the geographic location for your VPS
  4. You’ll be prompted to choose the processor and RAM for your new VPS
  5. Choose a User name and secure password
  6. 10 minutes later – your VPS hosting server is ready to use!

TIP: We advise our clients to add some “COOKIES” to their server so that their computer doesn’t appear too new:

How do you open a new Amazon Seller Account?

The next steps are simple! Time to open a new Amazon selling account. Before you start the process, prepare your new account application by having the following:

  • Different bank account and credit card details for each Seller Central account
  • New email address
  • Separate legal entity

Once your account is opened, instruct your team to ONLY access Amazon Seller Central via the VPS (you can assign users to the VPS as well!)

Would you like to find out more about successfully and safely owning more than one Amazon Seller Central account? Learn about buying a new Amazon Seller account! It’s certainly an advantage for your business!

Looking to purchase an Amazon seller account? Have any questions about the process? Let us know! Post your comments and questions below – or drop us a line – we’re here to help!!

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