Avoiding Suspension….Images!

Why is it important that your title, images, and descriptions are as accurate as possible? So customers can make the best decisions So customers do not complain that the item that they received was the wrong item Because most customers…LOOK at the pictures Let’s talk about IMAGES and why they are so important for your […]

Suspension Types & Prevention

Amazon Account Suspension

To be a competitive e-commerce seller, you’ll find that the best potential for exposure is to sell on Amazon. However, selling on Amazon comes at a premium. Yes, seller and fulfillment fees may eat at your profits, but more importantly, thorough knowledge of the Terms of Service in Amazon’s policies should be every seller’s priority. […]

How to Keep Your Amazon Account Active & Healthy

As experienced Amazon Sellers, you know that the KEY to your success (and really Amazon’s success) is the customer experience. Think about it, the customer NEEDS to have seamless browsing, purchasing, checkout, and delivery experience. By keeping your Amazon Account healthy, you’ll prevent suspensions and improve the customer experience. As a seller what can you […]



What WAS the Amazon Early Reviewer Program? Why is it being discontinued? The Early Review Program was a way to encourage customers to share their AUTHENTIC reviews. As a seller, you could choose SKUS and pay $60 to enroll in the program. When customers purchased the item, they were encouraged (by Amazon) to send in […]

Your Amazon Account is Under Review

speak with an Amazon Account specialist

HAVE YOU EVER RECEIVED THIS MESSAGE? “Your Amazon selling account is currently under review, and we will be contacting you by phone with more information within 72 hours.” WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?  Within the next 72 hours, you will receive a phone call from the Account Health Support Team. They will be calling to discuss your […]

Can You be a Drop Shipper on Amazon?

dropshipper on amazon

YES!! You can be a successful drop shipper on Amazon and still stay within Amazon’s policies! But there are few caveats! Learn how to be a successful drop-shipper on Amazon – and how to do it without violating any of Amazon’s policies. What is Drop Shipping on Amazon? New to the Concept? Here’s a brief […]