The Consequences of Suspensions and How to Prevent Them!

If you’ve ever had your account suspended, you know that it can be very upsetting – and the financial impact can be devastating. You’re asked to write a Plan of Action – an appeal – and you wait for the response. Some appeals are easier than others to craft, and your account is quickly restored. […]

Are YOU a Responsible Person?

Are YOU A Responsible Person? Of course you are! You’re reading this blog and you’re an Amazon Seller. But are you a RESPONSIBLE PERSON? If you’re an Amazon Seller in the EU, you know exactly why I’m asking this question! By now, you’ve seen this notification! As you know, EU sellers have extra compliance requirements […]

Avoiding Suspension….Images!

Why is it important that your title, images, and descriptions are as accurate as possible? So customers can make the best decisions So customers do not complain that the item that they received was the wrong item Because most customers…LOOK at the pictures Let’s talk about IMAGES and why they are so important for your […]

Amazon Suspension – ASIN SUSPENSION

As Amazon sellers, you know that an ASIN is a unique identifier for the product on Amazon. If you’re a manufacturer, your ASIN becomes your own. But if you sell other brands you will be using already existing ASIN numbers. From one of our clients: “Hi, a few days ago one of my products got […]

Avoiding Amazon Suspensions – Part II

avoiding amazon suspensions

Welcome to Part II of Avoiding Amazon Suspensions! Today, we’re going to talk about your SHIPPING PERFORMANCE! Did you know that up and until a few years ago, adding tracking information was optional? Not only is it MANDATORY, Starting April 5th, you now will need to add the CARRIER name in the carrier-code field to […]

Suspension Types & Prevention

Amazon Account Suspension

To be a competitive e-commerce seller, you’ll find that the best potential for exposure is to sell on Amazon. However, selling on Amazon comes at a premium. Yes, seller and fulfillment fees may eat at your profits, but more importantly, thorough knowledge of the Terms of Service in Amazon’s policies should be every seller’s priority. […]

Amazon Seller Account Suspended for Selling Used as New? We Can Help!

used as new

Is your Amazon Seller Account Suspended for Selling Used as New? We Can Help! YOU know that your entire catalog is unused and 100% new. So, why were you suspended? Does your item meet Amazon’s criteria for New & Used? (check Amazon’s help pages for more info) Are you building descriptions for items, ensure that […]



What WAS the Amazon Early Reviewer Program? Why is it being discontinued? The Early Review Program was a way to encourage customers to share their AUTHENTIC reviews. As a seller, you could choose SKUS and pay $60 to enroll in the program. When customers purchased the item, they were encouraged (by Amazon) to send in […]

Duck Season or Phishing Season?

amazon Phishing Email

Duck Season or Phishing Season? That’s not a typo!! Phishing is a method in which companies may fraudulently try to get information (banking, personal, etc) from you. Phishing can happen via emails, via websites even texts. Why do experienced people fall for it? Because the “phishermen” (or phisherwomen) are getting very sophisticated with techniques, they […]

Account Reinstatement


You wake up in the morning and check your health dashboard, only to see a BIG RED square letting you know that your account has been deactivated. We’re to help with this quick guide to Amazon Account Reinstatement. Take a good look at the type of suspension. Is it for Order Defect Rate? Selling a Restricted Product? […]