Seller Suspension Appeals & Reinstatements

As an experienced seller on Amazon, you know that the potential to get suspended is the biggest threat to your business! If you’ve received a suspension, you need to respond, and respond quickly! How can we help? Our team of experienced appeals experts will write you a Plan of Action (POA) crafted professionally and meticulously for YOUR individual needs and circumstances. Why do Amazon accounts get suspended?

1. Multiple / Related Amazon Seller

Have more than one seller account, or being related to a person or a company that has more than one Amazon seller account is grounds for suspension. You may only open a second selling account if have a legitimate business need.

2. Verification Process

Amazon will need to begin the VERIFICATION process when you open an account or make a change to you your account. We are here to support you every step of the way to make sure you have the right paperwork to get verified quickly and effortlessly!

3. Forged Documentation

If Amazon asks for documentation, make sure it’s authentic! Need guidance to get all your paperwork in order? We can assist you every step of the way!

4. Inauthentic / Counterfeit

The most common suspension or account deactivation is for inauthentic item complaints. Most of the time, this is related to supply chain issues and proper inventory sourcing. If you’ve been suspended due to an Inauthentic / Counterfeit issue, contact us! We’re here to help!

5. Copyright Infringement / IP

If a rights owner (the party who owns a respective patent, trademark, or copyright), makes a claim of infringement against an Amazon Seller, Amazon my remove the listing for that product. This puts your seller account at risk of suspension. Contact us if you’ve received a notice of Copyright Infringement or Intellectual Property Warning on your Seller Central Account! We’re here to help!

6. ASINs Variation Abuse / ASIN Suspension

Had an ASIN deactivated? Let us know! We’ll investigate the deactivation and develop a Plan of Action to get your product reinstated in the right category! Strategically and carefully building your ASINs will prevent ASINs from being deactivated or suspended. We’re here to help resolve any ASIN challenges that come your way!

7. ODR (all the types)

Your Health Dashboard gives you all the information you need to see your Customer Service Performance, Policy Compliance and Shipping Performance. Poor seller performance may put your seller account at risk.

8. Velocity

Received a Velocity Suspension? It may be due to irregular or a rapid change in your sales volume. We will work on getting supporting documentation available to quickly resolve this suspension.

9. Restricted

If you’ve received a suspension notice for selling an item (or items) that fall under Amazon Restricted Products Policy, let us know! We can help you assess and clarify if the items are in fact restricted, or help you assemble the supporting documentation to show that you are able to keep these products in your catalogue.

10. A to z Customer Complaints

From delivery to authenticity, customer satisfaction is Amazon’s priority. If you’ve received a suspension notice about customer complaints, we’ll help you write the best Plan of Action to get your account back in good standing!

11. New Account Registration

Stuck on the registration process? Documentation that you provided wasn’t enough? We’ll help you with new account registration making sure that all supporting documentation is accurate! 

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