Most commonly asked Amazon questions:

Is it ok if I contact Amazon customers who left me a negative review to offer them a refund?

How can I contact customers who left me a bad review?”

How can I find the Amazon order ID of the buyer who left me a bad review?”

How Do you Respond to Negative Reviews? If positive reviews are the “golden ticket to sellers” then giving sellers access to responding to negative customer feedback is platinum! As sellers, we want to be able to give our customers great service. However, a few months ago, this feature was removed. Good news….IT’S BAAACK!! (but only for sellers with Amazon Brand Registry).

We listened to your Feedback - screen shot from Amazon

Where is this new Feature?

In Seller Central….head over to “Customer Reviews”, and you’ll see it has been updated! This customer loved the glass slipper they purchased….reply not needed!

Customer Reviews Tool - 1

But in this example, the Queen purchased a new mirror and gave you a review of three stars or less? Take a good look at this screen…you can now CONTACT THE BUYER!! Here’s what happens….

Negative Feedback message dashboard amazon

What Option are You Going to Choose?

Negative Feedback message dashboard amazon

Meanwhile, how are you going to reply to the Queen? Whatever your decision, you’ll see a templated message to offer the customer a refund or replacement. Although you are not able to edit the template, the message will now appear on your “messaging dashboard”

Once you’ve decided on the contact reason, Amazon will generate a full template for you to send. And while you can’t edit the template, it’s a great communication tool.

Once your message is sent, it will show up on your Messaging dashboard!

Negative Feedback message dashboard amazon

Whether you chose a refund or replacement, you’ll gain customer trust, and hopefully are able to change their negative review to a positive one.  

Do you think you’ll use this new feature? Remember: above all…it’s always important to monitor your messages and respond to Reviews and Feedback.

If you’re not brand registered, we highly recommend you get Brand Registered – you get access to this new feature plus so many other protective benefits! Need help with Brand Registry? We can help guide you through the steps to protect your brand. Amazon account suspended? The experts at Axelligence can help with everything A to Z including Opening New Accounts!

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