Account Suspended?

amazon related account suspension notice

Suspended because Amazon claims that you have a related account? Welcome to the club! This suspension has been affecting many of our clients! This is a very challenging suspension. Is this a mistake? Amazon has sophisticated technology that detected this relation. What may have triggered the suspension?

Amazon-Related Account Suspensions

These suspensions are due to being connected to another account that is currently suspended. Why is that important? Because some suspended sellers attempt to open a second account to avoid the effort of getting their first reinstated. Opening up a second seller account (without Amazon’s blessings) is against Amazon’s Terms of Service. The first question is: Whose account are you linked to?

amazon related account term of service

What Triggers Related-Account Suspensions?

There are so many possibilities….but here are just a few:

  1. A suspended account may have the same physical address, similar name, shared WiFi, same IP, same computer, wireless networks, etc.
  2. Granted API access to a company who has had their API credentials revoked.
  3. You gave “ADMIN” user permissions to someone who also had a seller account that got suspended.
  4. Using a credit card that’s connected to another suspended seller account.
  5. Bank account or phone number are connected to another suspended seller account.
  6. Logged into your account on someone else’s computer.
  7. Someone else logged into THEIR seller account from YOUR computer

How to Get Your Account Reinstated

  1. Connnect with Seller Support! Ask them for any information about the connected Amazon account. (They may give you the Name of account, Date the account was opened.) This may help give you some insight.
  2. Have you figured out the source of the suspended account? Get that account reinstated!!!  If you can do this, getting your account reinstated is easy!
  3. Can’t get the related seller account unsuspended? Prove you are no longer related. Review credit card statements, utility bills, business license information, etc.
  4. Show evidence that you’re unable to this account reinstated.
  5. NO INFORMATION about the related Amazon seller account? Prove to Amazon that:
  • you’ve researched;
  • looked in every corner; and
  • swept every molecule of dust; but….
  • but have not uncovered a relation – this may be very challenging!!

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