q4 profit potential with Amazon 2021

Happy October! It’s time to prepare for Q4 – and we’re hoping you’ve already started! Between now and the end of 2021 you have the opportunity to harness the bulk of your sales because let’s face it….the next few months are FULL of holidays!!

If you live in the US, you’re familiar with the sales that are abundant at brick and mortar stores. Well, online shoppers ALL OVER THE WORLD are equally expecting the same sales at the world’s most popular retailer! In fact, with Covid keeping shoppers out of stores, your online presence is crucial!

While we hope you are prepared, here’s your checklist to make sure you have not overlooked the essentials. Have you:

  1. Prepared and Opmitized your listings
  2. Used your Brand Registry Benefits?
  3. A/B tested your content and images?
  4. Planned your promotions?
  5. Planned your inventory
  6. Adjusted pricing?
  7. Established your advertising strategy?
Q4 protips to prepare for Amazon Axelligence
  1. Titles, Bullets and descriptions
  2. Product images
  3. Keyword refresh
  4. Hidden Keywords
Q4 protips to prepare for Amazon Axelligence
  1. A+ Content / EBC
  2. Store Front
  3. Brand Stories
Q4 protips to prepare for sales in 2021 Axelligence
  1. A/B test your content
  2. Use the A+ dashboard to test your content and images
  3. Test with more or less text
  4. Test with differing layout options
Q4 protips to prepare for Amazon Axelligence
  1. November Sales Dates: Veteran’s Day & Remembrance (11/11), Thanksgiving (11/25) Black Friday (11/26) Cyber Monday (11/29)
  2. December Sales Dates: Green Monday (12/11), Christmas (12-24/25) Boxing Day & Kwanzaa (12/26) New Year’s Eve (12/31)
  3. Check deadlines for Lightning Deals!


Sponsored Brands and sponsored products keep you active in Amazon’s competitive marketplace. But don’t limit yourself to only running ads through Amazon! If you have Brand Registry, use Amazon Posts! Strategize and turn your website and social media properties into sales opportunities.


Increased online shipping means that Amazon Fulfillment Centers are packed! That also translates to storage limits for sellers with stranded inventory. With potential shipping delays worldwide, make sure that your inventory forecasting has covered the increased demand during the holiday season. Don’t run out of stock!


With increased competition, comes the pressure to reduce pricing; which means lower profits. But that may work to your benefit! The more you sell, the less you pay in storage fees (or removal fees). The more you sell, the more likely customers are to leave reviews. Plan carefully and strategically to sell, sell, sell!

Q4 is exciting and stressful! Planning ahead allows you the best potential for success! Please share with us what strategies you’re implementing to prepare for Q4 and to make the 2021 holiday season fabulous! Account suspended? If you’re looking for a team to help with any seller performance issues….your search is over!

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