Ready to launch into the biggest marketplace in the world? Ready to join the growing numbers of Amazon Sellers who bring their products to customers worldwide? If your answer is “YES”, then we’ve got some tips, tricks, and advice for you!! In today’s installment, we’re going to talk about the steps you need to open a new account – but more importantly: HOW TO PASS THE VERIFICATION PROCESS!

axelligence do not manipulate any documentation

Opening a New Seller Accont Amazon

Will you be signing up as a business or an individual?

If you’re signing up as a registered business, you will need to prepare:

  1. Legal Business Name (including your business incorporation paperwork)
  2. Proof of address
  3. Contact Information
  4. Federal Tax Id Number (or EIN)

If you’re signing up as an individual, you will need:

  1. Government Identification (Driver’s License, Passport or National ID)
  2. Bank or Credit Cards Statement

In either case, you’ll need a valid CREDIT CARD, Email address & telephone number (that can receive texts) that you’ve NEVER used before on Amazon. For more information on all the steps to open a new account click here!

axelligence pro tip do not create more than one amazon seller account

The Verification Process

You’ve uploaded your documentation….NOW WHAT?

  1. Some sellers get approved and are ready to sell immediately, others can wait a few days
  2. Some sellers will get a message that a POSTCARD will be sent to their addres. Upon receipt of the postcard, you will enter your seller account and use the verification code and your account will be approved
  3. Other sellers will receive a request for a VIDEO VERIFICATION. Using a phone or webcam, the VIDEO interview by will ask you to present the same Identification you used for the application and show it to the camera.

If you don’t get immediate approval….

Amazon may tell you that your documentation is not clear, or you will need to upload it again. Before you just upload the documents again, CHECK: is the scan of your identification clear? Does EVERY detail – zip code, email address, bank account information, the spelling of your name 100% match the information you have used in your application?

amazon pro tip scan your documents and make sure they are valid

We Specialize in the Verification Process

The experts at Axelligence specialize in helping our clients PASS the verification process. We have a deep and thorough understanding of how to present supporting documentation and prepare you for the verification process so YOU CAN SELL ON AMAZON! We are so confident that we will help you pass the verification process, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!

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Suspended account?

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