As an Amazon seller, you MUST place a priority on monitoring your Health Dashboard. What are you looking for? It’s your Order Defect Rate (or ODR). This metric is probably the MOST important measurement to gauge your account’s health.

How does it work?

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You’re expected to keep your ODR below 1% over a 60 day period. Here are the three factors it’s based upon:

  • Your A-to-z claims, made by your customers when orders do not meet expectations, or delivery is too slow
  • Any negative feedback, including comments and ratings
  • Your credit card chargebacks, or the number of times you refund orders

For example:

Let’s say you received one A to z claim and two negative customer feedbacks over a total of 100 orders placed from June 1st to July 30th.  Your ODR is then 3% which is above the 1% threshold.  Your account may be suspended, or at risk of suspension.

Here are some general strategies:

How can you improve your ODR?

  1. Address all feedback! Read through reviews, messages and respond to all A to Z claims!!
  2. Do you see a trend? Fix it!! The faster you address it, the less likely it will affect your rating
  3. Provide high quality products
  4. Review and improve your listings
  5. Check the quality and security of your packaging
  6. Make sure fast and free shipping is working! Late shipment rates are the number one complaint of customers!
  7. Plan for peak seasons! Prioritize customer service, shipping, fulfillment and packaging.
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Seller Account suspended? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take a Deep Breath
  2. Look at your Metrics and research what has happened
  3. Contact us! We will audit your account and create a Plan of Action describe the root causes, immediate corrective actions and future preventative measures so YOU get reinstated!

Account suspended or at risk of suspension? You’ve come to the right place! The experts at Axelligence will audit your account and give you strategies to maintain and retain the health of your seller account! Looking for more recommendations? Find the latest strategies and successful Plans of Action Here!

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Suspended account?

PRO TIP: Take a DEEP BREATH. Contact us! We will help you write a Plan of Action, describe the root causes, the immediate corrective actions and the future preventative measures so YOU get reinstated!

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