Tips for Selling Pianos  on Amazon!

You’ve got a great product idea, you’re a manufacturer, you’re a designer, distributor all of the above? And now, you want to leap into the WORLD’S BIGGEST MARKETPLACE?!! We’ve got the definitive checklist for you! Instead of starting with about fees, selling strategies and pitfalls to avoid, we know you just want to get that account open.

Opening up a new account on Amazon? Here are the THINGS YOU MUST HAVE IN PLACE in order to SELL the first piano on Amazon! First…make sure you have:• 🎶 Brand NEW business email (you will use this for your sellers’ account) ***DO NOT OPEN A SECONDARY SELLER ACCOUNT!!***

  • 🎶 Credit card – Debit Cards and Pre-paid cards are NOT acceptable
  • 🎶 Clear copy of Government issued ID (passport, driver’s license)
  • 🎶 Tax ID (Social Security Card)
  • 🎶 Phone number that can receive calls and text messages
  • 🎶 A bank account where Amazon can send you proceeds from your sales

And, if you’re registering as a business, you will also need:

  • 🎶 A Federal Tax Id number (or an EIN)
  • 🎶 Your Legal Business Name
  • 🎶 Be prepared to undergo a 1099-K tax document review

Something to think about: Decide if you will open an INDIVIDUAL or PROFESSIONAL SELLER account. (Individual account fees start at $.99 per sale and professional fees are $39 / month). Ready to start: Click here

  1. Your business location: This is the country in which your business is located. MAKE SURE YOU ENTER IT CORRECTLY!! You will need to verify it further down the line. If you’re an individual, this will be the address at which you currently reside. (Make sure you can receive physical mail!)
  2. Your business type: What type is your business entity (confused? most fall into the ‘Privately-owned’ category): State-owned business, Publicly-owned business, Privately-owned business, Charity or None, I am an individual.
  3. Your full name: Make sure you enter your first, middle, and last names (make sure that you enter your name EXACTLY how it appears on any state issued identification).

So far, so good? The next step is easy. You’ll be entering your personal information and uploading government ID for verification.


You’re doing great! Time for a break? NO!! Let’s continue. Now you’ll be asked for a valid credit card that can be charged. While you can use an international card, Amazon will not accept debit nor prepaid cards. Best practices: make sure you choose a card with an expiry date far in the future.

  1. What’s the name of your Amazon store? (You can choose any name you want, but if you’re a brand, you may want to use that brand name)
  2. Do you have UPC codes for your product(s)? (f you don’t know what a UPC code is, click here)
  3. Are you the manufacturer and/or brand owner of the product(s) you’re selling?
  4. Do you have a registered trademark for your product(s)?

And now….the last step PATIENCE!!! Amazon will be sending a verification postcard to the address you’ve confirmed on record. Once you’re verified….YOU’RE IN!! Congratulations! Start selling the very first piano today! But wait, there’s more!! (We’ll talk about selling on other marketplaces, systems and procedures, product options, and about the verification process). Until next time!

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