As experienced Amazon Sellers, you know that the KEY to your success (and really Amazon’s success) is the customer experience. Think about it, the customer NEEDS to have seamless browsing, purchasing, checkout, and delivery experience. By keeping your Amazon Account healthy, you’ll prevent suspensions and improve the customer experience. As a seller what can you do to:

  • Get your customers to keep coming back
  • Keep your account health
  • Gain reviews

Don’t Oversell

Your inventory on hand needs to match your inventory at your store. Amazon calculates every seller-cancelled order into your overall shipping performance, so don’t let it fall higher than 2.5%!! What are some strategies to prevent this?

  • Use an inventory integrator to keep your inventory accounts accurate
  • Set the threshold to allow for breakage, damages and delays in delivery times for items to be replenished
  • If an item is damaged at your warehouse – set the inventory to 0!! (what happens if your supplier is delayed)

Meet (or Beat) Shiping Deadlines

Customers LOVE when orders get shipped out faster than promised! It’s like waiting in the queue at Disney, the sign says “20 minute wait” but you end up waiting only 15 minutes. Get your orders out FAST. Keep your ODR LOW! What’s the best way to get your products to your customers on time?

  • Keep your warehouse organized, so that you know the exact location of every item
  • Be upfront with shipping times on your Amazon dashboard
  • If you’re a dropshipper, see if you can find local suppliers
  • Keep your packaging stations well-stocked and personnel well-trained to get packages out quickly!


What’s the best way to get the best reviews? Respond Quickly to all customer inquiries!! How can you improve your communication?

  • Check your dashboard and respond within 24 hours!
  • Send proactive messages to your customers to ask about their shopping experience (within Amazon’s guidelines, of course)
  • Be professional in all communications

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Your integrity is what will keep you successful on Amazon’s platform. As a seller, you must be accurate, honest and transparent about each step of the process.

  • Make sure your LISTINGS are accurate – from the outer packaging, and everywhere in between
  • Upload tracking information and ship out packages within the promised time

Selling on Amazon can be a profitable experience. Keeping your Amazon Account Healthy is a priority! Being suspended for not following Amazon’s terms of service can be financially devastating. Suspended on Amazon? We can help! We can develop a Plan of Action for every suspension type and get you back to what you do best – selling!

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