Ready to launch into the world of Amazon? It can be profitable, but it can also be challenging. Here are top four common challenges for new Amazon sellers.

four challenges for new Amazon Sellers axelligence

Feedback & Reviews

How do you get legitimate reviews when you’re new to the marketplace? And more importantly what are the review policies at Amazon?

Amazon is a customer-centric platform! Reviews are part of the shopping experience. Good for customers, reviews give legitimacy, authenticity accuracy, and buying power. In a 2020 Qualtrics review, 93% of online shopping decisions are influenced by reviews.

For sellers, getting those reviews is like the holy grail. Here are some tips to help get the legitimate reviews coming in!

  1. Use Amazon’s communication system to ask customers about their satisfaction
  2. Add a product insert asking for reviews
  3. Submit products to Amazon Vine
  4. Provide EXCELLENT customer service (make your packaging gorgeous, accurate shipping times)
  5. Make sure your product is high quality

four challenges for new Amazon Sellers axelligence


It’s a BIG market out there! Your success is dependent upon you analyze the competition to discover what they’re doing well (or poorly) and improve upon it to make your product stand out among the crowd!

  1. Ensure that your titles, images, descriptions are robust and detailed
  2. Learn about seller ranking and choose products that you can improve upon
  3. Keep your eyes on your competition
  4. Budget some extra funds for advertising, optimizing your Keywords and sponsored listings

four challenges for new Amazon Sellers axelligence

Guidelines and Policies

Amazon governs its sellers with a strict framework. As a new seller, your NUMBER 1 priority is to follow its guidelines!!

  1. Learn everything you need to know about drop shipping
  2. Learn about the FBM versus FBA models
  3. Make yourself an expert on Amazon’s TOS
  4. Keep your account in good health
  5. Review policies and protect yourself from potential violations
  6. Watch your performance metrics

four challenges for new Amazon Sellers axelligence

Customer Return Policies

Why is Amazon so successful? Because customers can return, and exchange nearly everything! Check your settings – who’s paying for the return – YOU!

  1. Check your store settings
  2. Will Amazon package and resell your inventory or return it to you?
  3. How quickly can you process returns?
  4. Monitor your dashboard!
  5. Check A to z claims
  6. Try to solve disputes equitably and politely
  7. Communicate with your customers!

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