My Account is Suspended, what can I do?
Carefully read the suspension notice. Do you know how to fix the problems that Amazon has identified? In order to effectively write a Plan of Action, you will need to identify the root cause(s) of your policy violation, what you have done to resolve the issue, and the steps you have taken to prevent it in the future. The experts at Axelligence are here to help you write the BEST Plan of Action that is unique to your business. We’ll you get back to doing what do what you do best – selling on Amazon!
Why do Amazon Accounts Get Suspended?

There are a few reasons why Amazon may suspend your account:

    1. Late Shipment Rate Target -> under 4%
    2. Pre-fulfillment Cancel Rate → under 2.5%
    3. Valid tracking rate target → over 95%
    4. The Customer Performance Rate (based on Negative feedback, A-to-z Guarantee Claims and Chargeback claims)
    1. Selling (or sourcing) inauthentic products
    2. Opening up more than one seller account
    3. Manipulating customer reviews
    4. Copywrite or intellectual proper claims….there are many more

What Is the Process for Appealing Account Suspension?

The experts at Axelligence will thoroughly assess your account and all correspondence between you and Amazon regarding your suspension notification. Once we’ve evaluated the root cause of your suspension, we will customize your Plan of Action (POA). We can usually have your first POA ready in about 1-2 business days. It is not uncommon for Amazon to require more than on POA before your account gets reinstated. We’ll provide you with additional tools to help YOU get back to selling! Our Plans of Action are individualized for each client, and we have an over 90% success rate of getting our customers’ accounts reinstated! in 2020 we helped over 100 clients get their accounts reinstated!

What are your fees?
The rates vary depending on your individual suspension case and its complexity. Just as your business is unique, your appeal to Amazon will be unique. Our experienced team of consultants will thoroughly assess your individual situation and will write an individualized and customized appeal for your business. Tailored just for you.
How long does it take to get my account reinstated?
We can not predict nor promise how long it will take Amazon to respond to your request for reinstatement. In our experience, we’ve received responses back from Amazon in as little as 24 hours or as long as a month!
Why You Should Choose Axelligence!
If you’re asking yourself, “Can I write my own Plan of Action and get my Amazon account reinstated myself?” The answer is YES!! But, our team of experts has an extensive knowledge base and years of experience to provide you with a high level of professional service to get your suspension removed in a timely manner!
What Marketplaces do you work with?
We help in all marketplaces! If you are currently selling on Amazon.com, co.uk, .de, fr, CA, co.jp, .es, .it or if you are planning to begin selling, we can help!
What are some Tips to Avoid Suspensions?

Are there Guarantees for your Services?

We pride ourselves on being able to evaluate each case to help get YOUR account reinstated! While there is no guarantee that Amazon will accept your appeal, we do promise to use our experience and expertise to draft the best possible Plan of Action to get YOU reinstated. Our success rate is over 90% of successful accounts reinstated!

Solutions for Every Amazon Seller

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