While getting your account suspended may be a nightmare, it’s not the end of the world; but, it’s hard to deal with on your own. Even the most compliant seller may unintentionally do something to trigger a suspension. No matter what type of suspension you’re facing, you’re going to have to submit a convincing appeal, also called a Plan of Action. It will need to be submitted to Amazon to sway them that the errors you’ve committed will not happen again.

But what if you:

  • Don’t know how to start to write an appeal?
  • Have already tried to submit an appeal but it was rejected?
  • Do not understand why you were suspended?

Find an Amazon Suspension Agency to Help Win Your Appeal

You’re great at selling your widgets. Advertising your nibs is your expertise, but writing is not your forte. You may be fabulous at logistics, but you don’t know what went wrong and why were you suspended! It’s time to find an experienced agency that will take on your case, submit and win your appeal. How do you know if the agency is good? Reputable? Experienced? Reliable?

Most agencies will take an up-front fee, and some offer money-back assurances. While that assurance may not promise success, it does offer some security and confidence that they will be working hard on your account. But before you hire an Amazon Suspension Agency, we encourage you to do the following steps:

  1. Share all screen shots and correspondence. An experienced agency will request certain information before getting started. Why? Some appeals may have a better chance at success than others, and with ample information, the suspension expert will be able to best evaluate your account
  2. Don’t hold back information. If you’ve already appealed the suspension five times, make sure you reveal that too! The agency will be able to discover that information, but you will have spent precious time keeping secrets – that’s precious time that your privileges are suspended.
  3. Don’t alter, forge or fake any documentation. Amazon has sophisticated algorithms and some good ole sleuthing techniques to uncover invoices or identification that is not authentic. Submitting fake documentation increases the chances of you permanently losing your selling privileges.

Final Take Away

We understand the temptation to immediately write an appeal the moment you’re account is suspended. Your business is closed and you’re not making any sales. The pressure to get back up and running is enormous! But rushing to write an ineffective appeal, or an appeal that does not address the main issues could cause more harm than good.

Writing an appeal takes focus, time, and effort. Thinking about the root causes, preventative actions and future actions take forethought, and and and effort to be self-reflective. Your appeal should be professional, concise, and show that you’ve really made the effort to change. Can you write an effective appeal – SURE!!! But do you want to have an expert agency use their experience to craft a personalized appeal that addresses all of Amazon’s concerns, in Amazon’s “language”?

Let the Pros at Axelligence Take Over!

Axelligence our clients bring us all types of suspensions – from dropshipping to Intellectual Property Complaints. Being suspended is challenging enough, make your life easier and hire us! We’ll do the heavy lifting that it takes to get your account reinstated! And best of all, if we write your appeal, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee that we will be successful in getting your Amazon Seller Account restored!

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