What is the Process of Buying a Seller Account on Amazon?

buying a seller account

Don’t open a NEW Amazon Seller Account, purchase an existing Amazon Seller account! There are thousands of people who want to start selling on the world’s largest marketplace. As not everyone is eligible to open an Amazon Seller Account, you have an option: buying a seller Account on Amazon. Amazon USA has increasingly become more […]

Understanding Amazon Sales Velocity Review and Account limits

Understanding Amazon Sales Velocity Limits and Account Reviews Axelligence

What is an Amazon Sales Velocity Review? Great sales should be a cause for celebration but an Amazon seller account can be temporarily suspended if sales velocity unexpectedly spikes? Calculated as a ratio of your sales history and reviews on your store, an Amazon Sales Velocity Review (or suspension) can happen within the first few […]

Six Common Mistakes Amazon Sellers Need to Avoid

mistakes Amazon sellers need to avoid Axelligence

Mistakes happen. Learning from your mistakes helps improve your business practices, puts you more in touch with your customers, and drives you ahead of your competition. Don’t worry about your past mistakes. Focus on avoiding these 6 common Mistakes Amazon Sellers make. Now’s your time to learn! 1. Ignoring Performance Notifications While you may receive […]

Amazon Product Inserts: Do’s and Don’ts!

Amazon Product Inserts Axelligence

How often have you received an insert with a product you’ve purchased? Does it increase your brand loyalty? Does it encourage you to leave a review? A well-designed Amazon product insert is an effective strategy to increase the length of time you could potentially engage with your customer. Some additional benefits of product inserts: Improved […]

The Year in Review 2021

2021 Axelligence Suspension Experts

While we all know about the challenges and negatives of 2021. When we focus on the year in review 2021, we will focus on the positives and then share some insights about our goals and objectives for 2022! These highlights are a result of a decade’s worth of effort and fulfilling professional aspirations such as: […]

Can You Deactivate or Delete Your Amazon Account?

Deleting an Amazon Seller Account Axelligence

That’s a great question! And before we answer that question, maybe a better question should be WHY do you want to deactivate or delete your amazon Seller account? Are sales Low? Can’t justify the monthly $39.99 seller’s fee? Maybe you’re better off downgrading from a Professional to a Personal account. You’ll pay $0.99 per transaction, […]

What Makes an Amazon Plan of Action Letter Appealing?

Plan of Action letter appealing axelligence

You’ve received the dreaded suspension notification, and now you’re ready willing, and able to write a Plan of Action in the hopes of getting your account reinstated. To help give structure to your appeal, we’ve compiled a list of best practices – for every suspension type. So if you’re ready, let’s start!! Consider that the […]

Keeping Your Amazon Seller Account Healthy in Q4 – Three Easy Steps!

keeping your amazon account healthy in Q4 Axelligence

Welcome to Q4! Your opportunity to maximize sales, profits and stress! As an Amazon seller, receiving the dreaded email that your account is under review, or suspended can be life changing. So, how can you keep you avoid account Suspensions in Q4? While Q4 2020 may have been a challenging year, then aim for being […]

Preparing for Q4 2021

planning for q4 with axelligence

Happy October! It’s time to prepare for Q4 – and we’re hoping you’ve already started! Between now and the end of 2021 you have the opportunity to harness the bulk of your sales because let’s face it….the next few months are FULL of holidays!! If you live in the US, you’re familiar with the sales […]