Six Common Mistakes Amazon Sellers Need to Avoid

mistakes Amazon sellers need to avoid Axelligence

Mistakes happen. Learning from your mistakes helps improve your business practices, puts you more in touch with your customers, and drives you ahead of your competition. Don’t worry about your past mistakes. Focus on avoiding these 6 common Mistakes Amazon Sellers make. Now’s your time to learn! 1. Ignoring Performance Notifications While you may receive […]

Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered

Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered

Are Amazon seller suspensions common? Unfortunately, there are no statistics nor percentages of the amount of seller account that get suspended. However, seller suspensions are VERY common. There are three types of suspended sellers: Unscrupulous sellers: suspended for deliberately defrauding customers, “Black Hacks” and Competitor sabotage Hard working sellers – most suspensions affect sellers who […]

Amazon Suspension Solutions


Why are you here? If you’ve come this far, it means that…… Your Amazon Seller Account is suspended Your Amazon Account is at risk of deactivation You’re searching for a company to help get your account reinstated Axelligence offers Amazon Suspension Solutions. Most Common Suspension Reasons Related Accounts Listed against Amazon condition guidelines ASIN/listing reported […]

Five Steps to Reactivate Your Suspended Amazon Seller Account

reactivate your suspended Amazon Account

We’ve got good news for you! If your seller account is dormant, deactivated, or your selling privileges have been suspended, it’s time to get your selling account reinstated! Before we talk about the five steps to help you reactivate your suspended seller account, you’ll need to know what has been happening to your account during […]

How to Create the Perfect Plan of Action

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YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DEACTIVATED. Not exactly the message you want to see when you check your amazon dashboard! You’ve checked your performance notifications and Amazon is requesting you to send in a PLAN OF ACTION (POA). E-commerce sellers and brick and mortar sellers encounter problems all the time, but when Amazon locks your store […]