Understanding Amazon Sales Velocity Review and Account limits

Understanding Amazon Sales Velocity Limits and Account Reviews Axelligence

What is an Amazon Sales Velocity Review? Great sales should be a cause for celebration but an Amazon seller account can be temporarily suspended if sales velocity unexpectedly spikes? Calculated as a ratio of your sales history and reviews on your store, an Amazon Sales Velocity Review (or suspension) can happen within the first few […]

Passing the Amazon Seller Verification Process

axelligence verification process success

Ready to launch into the biggest marketplace in the world? Ready to join the growing numbers of Amazon Sellers who bring their products to customers worldwide? If your answer is “YES”, then we’ve got some tips, tricks, and advice for you!! In today’s installment, we’re going to talk about the steps you need to open […]

Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered

Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered

Are Amazon seller suspensions common? Unfortunately, there are no statistics nor percentages of the amount of seller account that get suspended. However, seller suspensions are VERY common. There are three types of suspended sellers: Unscrupulous sellers: suspended for deliberately defrauding customers, “Black Hacks” and Competitor sabotage Hard working sellers – most suspensions affect sellers who […]

Five Steps to Reactivate Your Suspended Amazon Seller Account

reactivate your suspended Amazon Account

We’ve got good news for you! If your seller account is dormant, deactivated, or your selling privileges have been suspended, it’s time to get your selling account reinstated! Before we talk about the five steps to help you reactivate your suspended seller account, you’ll need to know what has been happening to your account during […]

Four Challenges for New Amazon Sellers

challenges for new amazon sellers axelligence

Ready to launch into the world of Amazon? It can be profitable, but it can also be challenging. Here are top four common challenges for new Amazon sellers

Is Your Amazon Order Defect Rate too High?? Let’s Lower it!!

axelligence order defect rate

As an Amazon seller, you MUST place a priority on monitoring your Health Dashboard. What are you looking for? It’s your Order Defect Rate (or ODR). This metric is probably the MOST important measurement to gauge your account’s health. How does it work? You’re expected to keep your ODR below 1% over a 60 day […]

Do you need an EXPERT to OPEN an Amazon Seller Account?


Did you know: IN 2020, OVER 94% OF NEW AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT APPLICATIONS WERE REJECTED? If 200 million UNIQUE monthly customers prefer to make their purchase at Amazon (over brick-and-mortar retailers and other online shopping outlets) then it is pretty clear that you should be also selling on Amazon. Let’s talk about why YOU should […]

How Do you Respond to Negative Reviews?

negative reviews

Most commonly asked Amazon questions: “Is it ok if I contact Amazon customers who left me a negative review to offer them a refund?“ “How can I contact customers who left me a bad review?” “How can I find the Amazon order ID of the buyer who left me a bad review?” How Do you […]

Amazon Suspension Types – ASIN SUSPENSION

Amazon Suspension Types - ASIN SUSPENSION

As Amazon sellers, you know that an ASIN is a unique identifier for the product on Amazon. If you’re a manufacturer, your ASIN becomes your own. But if you sell other brands you will be using already existing ASIN numbers. From one of our clients: “Hi, a few days ago one of my products got […]

How to Keep Your Amazon Account Active & Healthy

Keep Your Amazon Account Active & Healthy

As experienced Amazon Sellers, you know that the KEY to your success (and really Amazon’s success) is the customer experience. Think about it, the customer NEEDS to have seamless browsing, purchasing, checkout, and delivery experience. By keeping your Amazon Account healthy, you’ll prevent suspensions and improve the customer experience. As a seller what can you […]