Understanding Amazon Sales Velocity Review and Account limits

Understanding Amazon Sales Velocity Limits and Account Reviews Axelligence

What is an Amazon Sales Velocity Review? Great sales should be a cause for celebration but an Amazon seller account can be temporarily suspended if sales velocity unexpectedly spikes? Calculated as a ratio of your sales history and reviews on your store, an Amazon Sales Velocity Review (or suspension) can happen within the first few […]

The Year in Review 2021

2021 Axelligence Suspension Experts

While we all know about the challenges and negatives of 2021. When we focus on the year in review 2021, we will focus on the positives and then share some insights about our goals and objectives for 2022! These highlights are a result of a decade’s worth of effort and fulfilling professional aspirations such as: […]

Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered

Amazon Seller Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered

Are Amazon seller suspensions common? Unfortunately, there are no statistics nor percentages of the amount of seller account that get suspended. However, seller suspensions are VERY common. There are three types of suspended sellers: Unscrupulous sellers: suspended for deliberately defrauding customers, “Black Hacks” and Competitor sabotage Hard working sellers – most suspensions affect sellers who […]

Searching for an Amazon Suspension Agency?

searching for an amazon suspension agency axelligence

While getting your account suspended may be a nightmare, it’s not the end of the world; but, it’s hard to deal with on your own. Even the most compliant seller may unintentionally do something to trigger a suspension. No matter what type of suspension you’re facing, you’re going to have to submit a convincing appeal, […]

Amazon Suspension Solutions


Why are you here? If you’ve come this far, it means that…… Your Amazon Seller Account is suspended Your Amazon Account is at risk of deactivation You’re searching for a company to help get your account reinstated Axelligence offers Amazon Suspension Solutions. Most Common Suspension Reasons Related Accounts Listed against Amazon condition guidelines ASIN/listing reported […]

Five Steps to Reactivate Your Suspended Amazon Seller Account

reactivate your suspended Amazon Account

We’ve got good news for you! If your seller account is dormant, deactivated, or your selling privileges have been suspended, it’s time to get your selling account reinstated! Before we talk about the five steps to help you reactivate your suspended seller account, you’ll need to know what has been happening to your account during […]

Four Challenges for New Amazon Sellers

challenges for new amazon sellers axelligence

Ready to launch into the world of Amazon? It can be profitable, but it can also be challenging. Here are top four common challenges for new Amazon sellers

Getting a Response from Amazon Seller Support

amazon seller support frustration axelligence

Have you ever purchased on Amazon? Have you ever had to contact customer support? Chances are good, that it was a seamless and positive experience. As a “customer-centric” company, Amazon has developed a well-earned reputation for excellent customer support. Now, if you’re an Amazon seller, have you ever tried to contact seller support? Connecting with […]

Amazon Buyer Account Suspensions?

Amazon Buyer Account Supsension

We love working with sellers to help get their accounts reinstated! But, have you heard about Amazon BUYER Account SUSPENSIONS? It’s true!! Customer account suspension can happen – If the “customer is always right,” what can happen? Last week, we received the following email: Why was this Buyer’s Account Suspended? In the past 90 days, […]

Related Account Suspension: When an Amazon Seller has more than one account

related accounts

Account Suspended? Suspended because Amazon claims that you have a related account? Welcome to the club! This suspension has been affecting many of our clients! This is a very challenging suspension. Is this a mistake? Amazon has sophisticated technology that detected this relation. What may have triggered the suspension? Amazon-Related Account Suspensions These suspensions are […]