How Do you Respond to Negative Reviews?

negative reviews

Most commonly asked Amazon questions: “Is it ok if I contact Amazon customers who left me a negative review to offer them a refund?“ “How can I contact customers who left me a bad review?” “How can I find the Amazon order ID of the buyer who left me a bad review?” How Do you […]

Avoiding Amazon Suspensions – Part II

avoiding amazon suspensions

Welcome to Part II of Avoiding Amazon Suspensions! Today, we’re going to talk about your SHIPPING PERFORMANCE! Did you know that up and until a few years ago, adding tracking information was optional? Not only is it MANDATORY, Starting April 5th, you now will need to add the CARRIER name in the carrier-code field to […]

Amazon’s Shipping Confirmation Policies

delivery confirmation updates

What do you need to know about Amazon’s Shipping Confirmation Policies? As experienced sellers on Amazon, you know how important it is to regularly check your Account Health! As of May 3rd make sure to adjust your order processing systems and procedures to reflect the CHANGES in Amazon’s Shipping confirmation policies! When you head over […]