The Year in Review 2021

2021 Axelligence Suspension Experts

While we all know about the challenges and negatives of 2021. When we focus on the year in review 2021, we will focus on the positives and then share some insights about our goals and objectives for 2022! These highlights are a result of a decade’s worth of effort and fulfilling professional aspirations such as: […]

How Do you Respond to Negative Reviews?

negative reviews

Most commonly asked Amazon questions: “Is it ok if I contact Amazon customers who left me a negative review to offer them a refund?“ “How can I contact customers who left me a bad review?” “How can I find the Amazon order ID of the buyer who left me a bad review?” How Do you […]

Get Reviews on Amazon in 2021


In December 2020, Amazon removed the possibility for sellers to respond directly to customer reviews. Although it is possible to reply to comments on your store page (and ask Amazon to remove them when necessary) your ability to respond to customer comments has been disabled. But we know that research shows that customers READ REVIEWS […]