Why is it important that your title, images, and descriptions are as accurate as possible? Because one step in avoiding Amazon Suspensions is making sure your images are perfect depictions of the product you’re selling!

  1. So customers can make the best decisions
  2. So customers do not complain that the item that they received was the wrong item
  3. Because most customers…LOOK at the pictures

Let’s talk about IMAGES and why they are so important for avoiding amazon suspensions, keeping your account healthy AND your bottom line!!

“When a seller includes unapproved content in the image for their private label product, it may result in an image violation.” 

It’s pretty easy to weed out the obvious – anything obscene or copyrighted images. But what are some of the more “subtle” errors that sellers can make to incur an image violation?

avoiding amazon suspensions
  1. If you’re a .com seller, and your item comes for a foreign country, the label MUST include English directions. 
  2. Don’t use STOCK IMAGES (unless you have written authorization, or that they are public domain)
  3. Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive. Leotards, underwear, and swimwear for kids and baby must not be shown on a human model.

Pro Tips

Make sure you follow Amazon’s guidelines for the size, quality and specifications for the images for your products. More than 75% of Amazon’s customers look at pictures BEFORE making their purchase. Your pictures should be remarkable! 

For more in Amazon’s image guidelines, click here: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html?itemID=G1881&language=en-US&ref=efph_G1881_cont_17811

Remember….image violations and description violates tend to go “hand in hand”. Ensuring that your high quality images and your vivid product descriptions are accurate and “tell the story” of the EXACT product your customers are going to receive. If there’s a difference, your customers will complain putting your account at risk!

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