Is VPS Hosting the Right Thing For You?

what is a vps axelligence

What is a VPS and Why is it Important? A Virtual Private Server (or VPS) is a “cloud” hosted server whose sections can be rented to an individual user, or to many users. A server is a physical device that can hold huge amounts of data. When you purchase “space” on a VPS, you’re renting a “virtual computer” on […]

Six Common Mistakes Amazon Sellers Need to Avoid

mistakes Amazon sellers need to avoid Axelligence

Mistakes happen. Learning from your mistakes helps improve your business practices, puts you more in touch with your customers, and drives you ahead of your competition. Don’t worry about your past mistakes. Focus on avoiding these 6 common Mistakes Amazon Sellers make. Now’s your time to learn! 1. Ignoring Performance Notifications While you may receive […]

Can You Deactivate or Delete Your Amazon Account?

Deleting an Amazon Seller Account Axelligence

That’s a great question! And before we answer that question, maybe a better question should be WHY do you want to deactivate or delete your amazon Seller account? Are sales Low? Can’t justify the monthly $39.99 seller’s fee? Maybe you’re better off downgrading from a Professional to a Personal account. You’ll pay $0.99 per transaction, […]

Five Steps to Reactivate Your Suspended Amazon Seller Account

reactivate your suspended Amazon Account

We’ve got good news for you! If your seller account is dormant, deactivated, or your selling privileges have been suspended, it’s time to get your selling account reinstated! Before we talk about the five steps to help you reactivate your suspended seller account, you’ll need to know what has been happening to your account during […]

Fix Suppressed Listings on Amazon – Six Tips!

fixing suppressed listings on amazon

My Amazon Listing is Suppressed, OH NO! You’ve done what you needed to do: You’ve searched for the best product to sell, you researched keywords, important phrases, and competitive pricing. Now what? You list the item, sit back and relax and watch as the profits come in. But, when you checked the listing, you found […]

Related Account Suspension: When an Amazon Seller has more than one account

related accounts

Account Suspended? Suspended because Amazon claims that you have a related account? Welcome to the club! This suspension has been affecting many of our clients! This is a very challenging suspension. Is this a mistake? Amazon has sophisticated technology that detected this relation. What may have triggered the suspension? Amazon-Related Account Suspensions These suspensions are […]

Do you need an EXPERT to OPEN an Amazon Seller Account?


Did you know: IN 2020, OVER 94% OF NEW AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT APPLICATIONS WERE REJECTED? If 200 million UNIQUE monthly customers prefer to make their purchase at Amazon (over brick-and-mortar retailers and other online shopping outlets) then it is pretty clear that you should be also selling on Amazon. Let’s talk about why YOU should […]