Here’s what you need to know about Amazon’s Shipping Confirmation Policies!

As experienced sellers on Amazon, you know how important it is to regularly check your Account Health! As of May 3rd make sure to adjust your order processing systems and procedures to reflect the CHANGES in Amazon’s Shipping confirmation policies! When you head over to YOUR SHIPPING PERFORMANCE DASHBOARD, you’ll know that you’ve been keeping your customers happy by maintaining a Late Shipment Rate of under 4%. The rate is determined by making sure that you’ve uploaded tracking information (manually or through your favored integrated software).


Starting April 5th, you now will need to add the CARRIER name in the carrier-code field to the tracking information. By May 3, Amazon will be validating all tracking numbers on seller-fulfilled orders.


Are you using a shipping integrator? Ensure that all carrier details (and carrier codes) are provided with each shipment. Make sure to use an API to learn about carrier fields in your Amazon dashboard. Most shipping integrators offer great technical assistance and are ready for this change. It is a worthy investment – especially when they offer great APPS for order tracking – you’ll be up to date with any delays!

How often do you visit your “Performance Health Dashboard”? To keep your account in good standing, we advise you to be very vigilant and keep your eyes upon your Health Dashboard – especially the customer feedback! You should be checking your Health Dashboard daily! Pay close attention to the “Voice of the Customer,” for “Late Shipment Rate” complaints. Too many of these complaints could get your account suspended.

Have you received a suspension notice for “LATE DELIVERY?” The experts at Axelligence are here to review your account and work with you to develop a Plan of Action (POA) so that you can get back to the business quickly and efficiently!

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