Why are you here?

If you’ve come this far, it means that……

  1. Your Amazon Seller Account is suspended
  2. Your Amazon Account is at risk of deactivation
  3. You’re searching for a company to help get your account reinstated

Axelligence offers Amazon Suspension Solutions.

Most Common Suspension Reasons

  • Related Accounts
  • Listed against Amazon condition guidelines
  • ASIN/listing reported as inauthentic or counterfeit
  • Poor performance notifications/performance metrics
  • Product safety complaints from customers (or competitors)
  • Restricted images or copy on detail page (listing)
  • Restricted product or category
  • Used item sold as new
  • Not as advertised
  • High Order Defect Rate
  • High negative customer experience rating (NCX)
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How Can the Axelligence Team Help?

Our team is here to support sellers throughout the Amazon Seller Journey. If your account is suspended, here are the steps that we will implement to get your account back – FAST!

  1. Free Account Audit – Send us your suspension notice, and all correspondence with Amazon. Provide us with Performance Notifications, customer feedback and any alerts on your metrics. We’ll take a deep dive into your account. We will help you understand the causes of this suspension.
  2. Write a Customized Appeal – We don’t used templates. We don’t recycle appeal letters!! We provide you with a personalized Plan of Action! We will address Amazon’s concerns.
  3. Follow-up and Escalate – Although we can’t control Amazon’s responses nor timeline, we will follow-up and connect with seller performance to amend or edit the appeal to get you reinstated!
  4. Account Health User Guide – Once your account is reinstated, we’ll keep you informed and updated with the ever- changing Amazon landscape!

Make The Axelligence Choice for Reinstating Your Account

Is your Seller account suspended? Time to research the causes. Can your account be reinstated? If you’re ready to get your account back, reach out to the experts at Axelligence and schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation here! https://calendly.com/axelligence/15min

Axellilgence offers Amazon Suspension Solutions. We help with all types of suspensions! We will write a customized Plan of Action to get your account privileges back!!

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Suspended account?

PRO TIP: Take a DEEP BREATH. Contact us! We will help you write a Plan of Action, describe the root causes, the immediate corrective actions and the future preventative measures so YOU get reinstated!

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