As Amazon sellers, you know that an ASIN is a unique identifier for the product on Amazon. If you’re a manufacturer, your ASIN becomes your own. But if you sell other brands you will be using already existing ASIN numbers.

From one of our clients:

“Hi, a few days ago one of my products got blocked. I got an email from seller performance stating that the reason for the ASIN suspension Complaint Type: Inauthentic Items

Did you know: ASIN Suspensions are a very common problem? Yes, it can be frustrating! And it can be devastating for your business. Why did your ASIN get suspended and what can you do about it?

ASIN Suspension Types –

1. Quality of Listings

  • An ASIN suspension may happen to sellers who use drop shipping. If you never “touch” your product, you could be risking its quality. 
  • Pro tip: Have all products inspected by a 3rd party before shipping to Amazon. 

2. Authenticity

  • Is your ASIN suspended for inauthenticity? Make sure you have valid invoices to prove your supply chain. 
  • Pro Tips for Receipts / Invoices:
    • Legible, authentic, and unaltered
    • Item(s) under review should closely match catalog item
    • You can block out the price
    • You should add the ASIN
    • Show listing quantities (of at least 10 items)
    • Clearly show supplier and buyer information, invoice date, and item(s) descriptions and quantities
    • The invoices were issued in the last 180 days.
    • Contact information from the supplier must be verifiable

3. Feedback

Did you know: Feedback is SUPER important to monitor?! It’s important to stay on top of customer feedback and messages! If you see a trend – be proactive. Amazon will watch feedback, metrics, and complaints and will suspend an ASIN if they see negative customer reactions. 

  • Audit product information to ensure it matches Amazon’s policies
  • Update yourself on Amazon’s policies & agreements (don’t forget – as a seller you’ve agreed to comply with all of them!)
  • Follow Amazon news to make sure Amazon hasn’t updated any requirements
Never sell Knock-offs!


1: Prioritize Customer Service

  • Check your feedback and messages every 24 hours (including weekends)
  • Use a professional tone with every communication
  • Install the Seller App so you’ll have access at your fingertips!

2: Brand Registry for Private Labels

  • Why you SHOULD register your Private Label with Amazon Brand Registry?
    • Gives you increased control over your products’ titles, details, images, and other attributes.
    • Potential to reduce matching errors that may occur during the listing.
    • Did you know: If your private label brand is not registered….
      • If your ASIN is suspended, YOU WILL LOSE all your previous reviews?
      • Your listing could be HIJACKED!!!

Need help learning about Amazon’s ASIN creation policy?

Suspended Account? Let us help! The experts at Axelligence will create and submit your Amazon appeal. Trust us to get your ASIN reinstated and products unblocked! Get back to what you do best…selling and reaching for the top!

Next week…we’ll talk about Description Violations !!

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