Are Amazon seller suspensions common?

Unfortunately, there are no statistics nor percentages of the amount of seller account that get suspended. However, seller suspensions are VERY common. There are three types of suspended sellers:

  1. Unscrupulous sellers: suspended for deliberately defrauding customers,
  2. “Black Hacks” and Competitor sabotage
  3. Hard working sellers – most suspensions affect sellers who are committed and dedicated to seller high quality products, and providing a high level of customers service, but have unintentionally (or ignorantly) violated Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Why did my Amazon account get suspended?

If you’re lucky, the language of your suspension notice is clear and obvious. The most common types of suspensions are located here. Knowing what happened will help you best address the violation. Be prepared: often the language that is used is vague and doesn’t provide ENOUGH information. That’s when you’ll need to reach out to Account Health to attempt to get the clearest answer.

My Amazon Seller Account is suspended! Now what?

You’ll need to create a Plan of Action to address the violation. But….Don’t panic!! You’ll need a clear head and frame of mind to write an appeal that will fulfill Amazon’s criteria. Remember: to fix a problem, you have to understand what went wrong!

What do I need for a Plan of Action?

Amazon will want a convincing argument that demonstrates a complete understanding of the problem. That means you’ll need to be specific about the following:

  1. Root causes: why and how those mistakes happened.
  2. Immediate corrective actions: What steps have you completed to address the root causes?
  3. Future prevention actuibs: What improvements will you put into place so they don’t have again!

What’s the best format for a Plan of Action?

  • Use bullet points
  • Be succinct
  • Stay focused on the issue
  • Use dates, times and employees names
  • Add charts and checklists when necessary

How long do Amazon suspensions last?

Suspensions can last anywhere from one day to the end of time! But ideally, you want to submit a Plan of Action shortly after receiving the notice.

Instead of fighting this, can I open a new Amazon account instead?

Although there may specific conditions where this is permitted, it is NOT advisable to have a second seller account!  Plus, if you don’t know how to correct the violation that caused the initial suspension, you just may repeat the same errors again!

My Plan of Action was rejected! Now what?

Revise and submit. Do not submit the same appeal. It’s possible that your previous attempt didn’t address every problem. Go through your appeal – make sure that you’ve identified the root causes and then use the remaining sections to REPAIR them!

Do I need to hire an expert?

By hiring the experts at Axelligence, you have the confidence of knowing that we will use our experience in writing successful appeals to craft a tailor-made, specific appeal for YOUR Amazon Seller suspension. We don’t use templates; we don’t “copy-paste” from previous appeals.

Asking you the right questions, and working with you through the process of reinstatement will get a thorough picture of your account and its challenges. We handle all aspects of your appeal, beginning with auditing your account health and reviewing your performance notifications.

A well-written appeal will guide you on the path to reinstatement. Trust the experienced team at Axelligence.

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