Amazon Seller Account Suspended for Selling Used as New? We Can Help!

used as new

Is your Amazon Seller Account Suspended for Selling Used as New? We Can Help! YOU know that your entire catalog is unused and 100% new. So, why were you suspended?

✅ Does your item meet Amazon’s criteria for New & Used? (check Amazon’s help pages for more info)

✅ Are you building descriptions for items, ensure that they are thorough and accurate? This includes the language displayed on the package and on the item itself.

✅ Are you sourcing your product from a reliable supplier that will ONLY sell the items that are of high enough standard to achieve Amazon’s definition of NEW?

✅ Does your packaging match the pictures on your listing so that customers know EXACTLY what the product should look like when it arrives? Customers will leave negative feedback if they don’t receive what they paid for!

✅ Do you have personnel in place to check that when products are stored, packaged, and shipped that they are not damaged before leaving your storage facility?

If you find that you can not answer, “Yes” to all these questions, then be prepared for customer complaints of “used as new”!! You will need to write an effective Plan of Action that describes the root causes of this suspension, the immediate actions you’ve taken to correct this issue, and future preventative measures. An effective Plan of Action is crucial to show Amazon that you understand the Policy Violations and are confident that you can make the effort and have a system in place to prevent this from happening in the future.

If your Amazon Seller Account Suspended for selling “USED as NEW?” the experts at #Axelligence are here to review your account and work with you to develop a Plan of Action (POA) so that you can get back to business quickly and efficiently! visit us at

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