Keeping Your Amazon Seller Account Healthy in Q4 – Three Easy Steps!

keeping your amazon account healthy in Q4 Axelligence

Welcome to Q4! Your opportunity to maximize sales, profits and stress! As an Amazon seller, receiving the dreaded email that your account is under review, or suspended can be life changing. So, how can you keep you avoid account Suspensions in Q4?

While Q4 2020 may have been a challenging year, then aim for being triumphant in 2021 and keep your account healthy by following some crucial tips!

1. Documentation

  • Make sure there are no discrepancies in your paperwork
  • Keep all invoices (from verifiable suppliers) available and accurate

2. Improve the quality of your Listings & Images

  • Now’s a great time to review your listings, look at keywords, and images
  • Ensure that information is accurate
  • A picture sells 1000 items –

3. Monitor Amazon Performance & Account Health Dashboard

  • Quickly Respond to Customer Feedback & Messages
  • Keep Negative feedback BELOW 5%
  • Watch that your ODR stays BELOW 1%
  • Keep your inventory ACCURATE so that you’re not cancelling orders
  • Monitor shipping times!
  • Don’t Open Multiple Accounts

True or False:

Are Suspensions less common for Top Sellers? ❌ Even high volume sellers get suspended

Is Amazon is clear about the reason for suspension? ❌ ✅ A bit of both. Depending on the suspension, you may have to go through previous orders, customer feedback and A to z claims to find the actual source of the problem.

Does Everyone get a warning before being suspended? ❌ Never ignore a warning, but suspensions can happen from one day, to the next – even if you had no notification that your account was at risk!

Suspensions happen infrequently ❌Even experienced sellers make unintentional errors that cause suspensions. All sellers must consistently ensuring that they’re following Amazon’s TOS and keeping their account healthy.

What is the first thing you need to do if your account is suspended? STAY CALM. While your business may be at risk, making impulsive moves could get your account deactivated. Want to try to appeal yourself? Click here for some strategies to use when crafting an appeal. Need a professional? We’re here to help with customized professional plans of appeals!!

Good luck in Q4!! May the sales be forever in your favor!  

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