What is an Amazon Sales Velocity Review?

Great sales should be a cause for celebration but an Amazon seller account can be temporarily suspended if sales velocity unexpectedly spikes? Calculated as a ratio of your sales history and reviews on your store, an Amazon Sales Velocity Review (or suspension) can happen within the first few months of sales as a new seller or the first few months of sales. In European marketplaces, it may happen shortly after if you’ve recently undergone a secondary verification process.  Too many sales in too short of a time. Too few reviews. This may trigger an Amazon Sales Velocity Suspension.

Is there a Magic Number?

To Amazon, new sellers pose a risk. Will there be returns? Are the products authentic? Is the seller shipping and delivering the orders? Amazon monitors sales velocity as a way to “protect” its customers from malicious sellers. It is reasonable to believe that all new seller accounts are subject to a velocity limit. Amazon does not disclose the exact volume or number of sales each seller is limited to.  This limit offers Amazon a cushion and customer protection against refunded and unfulfilled orders.

Amazon Sales Velocity Reviews

Once you’ve received a sales velocity review, your account will be placed temporarily on hold (although you will be able to fulfill orders and ask customers for feedback).

To best expedite the review process, Amazon will request the following information:

Amazon Sales Velocity Review and Account limits Axelligence

Send this information to Amazon by replying to the notification in your performance health dashboard.

How Long will the Velocity Review Take?

It is possible for the review to take up to 30 days! While you’re waiting, make sure you are fulfilling all your orders and sending requests to your customers asking for reviews. Be mindful – follow Amazon’s Terms of Service for the “safest” methods to ask for reviews.

Can a Velocity Suspension be Avoided?

We know you want to make great sales! But, If you’re a new seller, keep a close eye on the number of sales you are making day-to-day. If you see a quick spike in sales, try to limit sales for the first three months. Counterintuitive to profits, it could avoid a velocity review suspension.

Axelligence Tips

Suspensions are challenging!! But with a bit of patience, your velocity suspension will quickly be over and you can return to what you do best – selling!

Where to submit the information for the Velocity Suspension? Check your performance notifications and your dashboard to find the “APPEAL” button. But if you’re still looking for it, you can click here for some more tips about where to upload your appeal.

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