How often have you received an insert with a product you’ve purchased? Does it increase your brand loyalty? Does it encourage you to leave a review?

A well-designed Amazon product insert is an effective strategy to increase the length of time you could potentially engage with your customer.

Some additional benefits of product inserts:

  1. Improved brand recognition and brand reputation
  2. Cultivate Customer loyalty
  3. Showcase additional products in your catalogue
  4. Solicits reviews and feedback (but proceed with caution*)
  5. May reduce customer returns
  6. Way to present your satisfaction Guarantees and Warranties

What Is Amazon’s Policy about Package Inserts?

We know that more reviews = more sales, so what are the BEST PRACTICES for product inserts?

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  1. When you ask your customer to write the review request, present it as a set of instructions like this:
  2. Go to the “orders” tab of your Amazon account
  3. Click the “write a review” tab
  4. Give us your honest review
  5. Give more information to your customers about how to use and the benefits of your product
  6. Use positive and pressure-free statements like, “We hope you enjoyed our widget. Please share your experience to let us know what you think.”
  7. Make your design eye-catching! This is your opportunity to focus your marketing skills on copywriting and design.
  8. The design should also be eye-popping. Attractive colors with high contrast draw the eye to the text. Just don’t include any URLs, as the monitor will ping those.
  9. Include a QR code (link to your review page)
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  1. *Provide incentive for reviews. Incentives include:
    • Another free product
    • Their next order free
    • Discounts
    • Gift cards
    • Cash
  2. Request POSITIVE customer reviews – read product review policies for the full list of instructions
  3. Request contact Information
  4. Offer an extended warranty in exchange for a review
  5. Push your customers to make purchases off of Amazon

Some Extra Tips:

Include a bonus gift. It’s a great surprise to your buyer and will always be appreciated! Some bonus ideas are:

  1. Branded items like stickers, or magnets or lanyards
  2. Buttons, or other items that compliment your product (you sell soap? Add a sponge!)
  3. Sample-size of an upcoming product


Amazon is very strict when it comes to violations to the Amazon guidelines and policies. If you don’t follow these guidelines you could risk:

  • withdrawal of the seller’s selling privileges on Amazon
  • permanent delisting of the product from Amazon

Product inserts are a great approach to encourage sales of additional products, direct traffic to social media and your personal website, and potentially increase reviews. Once you’re aware of Amazon’s product insert policy, you can design and plan your next marketing strategy!

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