You wake up in the morning and check your health dashboard, only to see a BIG RED square letting you know that your account has been deactivated. We’re to help with this quick guide to Amazon Account Reinstatement.

account deactivation notice amazon

Take a good look at the type of suspension. Is it for Order Defect Rate? Selling a Restricted Product? What’s the reason Amazon has given you? Now what? A Plan of Action that describes the Root Cause of the Suspension, Immediate Corrective Actions you’re taking, and then the steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

Your first instinct may be to be on the defensive and quickly respond. Don’t. Think about this suspension and ask yourself:

  1. Is this something unexpected?
  2. Have you been checking your health dashboard and missed warnings?
  3. Is this suspension warranted?
  4. What will you do in the future to prevent it from happening again?

What strategies you SHOULD use to write the Plan of Action?

account deactivation notice amazon

Be precise. Talk about what really happened and what really will happen if you are able to lift the suspension. Make a timeline. If you say you’ll be hiring new staff members, give their date of hire.

Be concise. Focus on the changes you’ll be implementing – but be honest, if you’re not going to make the changes, you’ll be suspended again.

Be contrite. If you made the mistake, take responsibility for it. Acknowledge, accept, and then correct.

Be professional. Don’t be hostile, defensive, or angry. Step back and use a tone that is descriptive and thorough.

Be patient. (Sometimes it takes Amazon a few days to get back to you!) Once Your account is back in good standing….Monitor your PERFORMANCE HEALTH DASHBOARD!!!

Check for….





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